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Our fabulous group of teachers are well-known for how well they work together. They are constantly learning from each other, sharing best practices, and looking for ways to build community among the students of Emerson.

Aiste Solly

RSP: Resource Specialist Program Teacher

Allison Grill

Grade 3

Andre Redd

Noon Supervisor

Andria Sellers

Grade TK

Anisa Wicker

Paraeducator with Ms. Sommer

Annabelle Nash

Grade 5

Antionette Holland

Office Administrative Assistant

Catherine Ference

Early Literacy Tutor (part time) Kindergarten

Christopher Hill

Instructional Support Specialist with Ms. Santillian

Claire Evangelho

Paraeducator with Ms. Youngblood

Courtney Beck

School Counselor (full time)

Curtis Hunt Jr.

PM Custodian

Donna Bolden

Lunch Time Coordinator

Elba Martinez de Pineda

Instructional Support Specialist for Ms. Reyes

Ema Jitsukawa

Early Literacy Tutor (part time) 3rd grade

Halle Youngblood

Grades K-2 inclusion

Hannah Galvin

Grade 4

Jalyn Crum

Community School Manager

Jason Hawkins

AM Supervisor/enrichment recess

Jessica Price

Grade 2

Jody Silver

Psychologist (part time)

John Griffin

Head Custodian

John Pabst

Library Technician

John Stefenhagen

Instructional Support Specialist with Ms. Nalls

Jonah Lounds

Instructional Support Specialist with Ms. Sommer

Jose Padilla

P.E. Prep Teacher

Josie Sommers

Grades 3-5 inclusion

Kasondra Walsh

Grade K

Kelly Maddox

Early Literacy Tutor (part time) TK

Krysta Phelps

Paraeducator with Ms. Solly

Lajuana Turner

Grade 2

Laura Aviles

Grade 1

Lisa Lubin

Instructional Support Specialist with Ms. Reyes

Marci von Broembsen

Speech/Language Pathologist

Mari Reyes

Grades K-2 SDC autism

Mars Adkins

Instructional Support Specialist with Ms. Nalls

Michelle Beal

Grade 5

Muslimah Mohammed

TSA: Teacher Special Assignment

Odalys Santillian

Pre-K SDC severe (Burbank)

Rachel Foster

Food Service Assistant

Reyna Duarte

Instructional Support Specialist with Ms. Santillian

Rinchen Storebaug

Instructional Support Specialist with Ms. Sommer

Rodrigo Hernandez


Ro’e Zaid


Rose Toutjian

Art Therapist (part time)

Sandra Burton

Attendance Specialist

Shawn Stibbins


Sierra Balatan

Grade 4

Siobhan Noble

Grade K

Sydney Dexter

Grade 3

Tamara Nalls

Grades 3-5 SDC severe

Tamiya Tolliver

Food Service Assistant

Verna Springer

After-School Program Coordinator

Yemesrach Zewbie

Occupational Therapist (part time)

Yvonne Dixon

Early Literacy Tutor (part time) 4th/5th grades

Zakiya Brooks

Grade 1