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Health & Wellness

Art Therapy

Art Therapy services are designed to assist the student in benefiting from education by enhancing the student’s potential for learning. The practice of art therapy involves using creative expression to better understand the emotional needs of the student. Art therapy can facilitate appropriate social behavior and promote healthy emotional development so that the student can be more receptive to learning and realize social and academic potential. The Art Therapist is here to provide individual, group and family therapy.

For information on an art based therapy group for Emerson students

Ms. Rose, Art Therapist

Email Me

On-Site Part-Time Nurse

Emerson has a part time onsite nurse to assist with any and all heath and/or medical issues our students may have.

East Bay Agency for Children (EBAC)

EBAC is our mental health counseling provider at Emerson. Students are typically referred by parents, teachers, themselves, or other staff members. Once referred, the EBAC clinician will contact the caregiver to see if services are desired. In addition to helping these children and families develop the tools and skills needed to cope with psychological stressors, these clinicians are at the school sites and are available to school staff and administration to provide mental health consultation and to assist with crises.

School Psychologist

Emerson’s School Psychologist is on site three days per week. Our school psychologist is a part of the IEP (Individualized Educational Program) assessment team and conducts all psychological evaluations as a part of the IEP process. The psychologist is also a member of the Coordination of Student Services Team (COST) and teaches a social skills class.