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After School

After School Programs

If you are looking for options for your student to attend after school, there are a variety of options on the Emerson campus or nearby.

On-Site Programs  Off-Site Programs

On-Site After-School Programs

There are two programs that operate after-school on the Emerson campus.

Umoja Village After School Program

The Umoja Village is a BACR After School Program, led by Ms. Krysta Turner.

Register Now for 2023-2024 FREE after school care, onsite, at Emerson with BACR's Umoja Village, coordinated by Ms. Krysta Turner (Ms. Krysta) with co-coordinator Coach Jason Hawkins and staff!      Students must be registered in the Umoja Village Aftershool Program before the start of school to be eligible for after care the 1st day, August 7.


Ms. Krysta Turner
(510) 631-1599

Email Me

  • Umoja Village serves TK through 5th grades.
  • This program provides support for working families from the end of each school day (minimum days 1:15pm, normal school day 2:45pm) until 6pm.
  • The grade levels are split into a variety of activities, including in-depth tutorials for students in need of support, such as homework assistance, supervised play, structured sports training, gardening and more.

To apply to Umoja Village 2023-24 school year

Contact Ms. Krysta directly to register OR get a paper form from the Emerson front office. (translated apps available, too!)

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Child Development Center (CDC)

ECE/CDC After School Program is run through OUSD,led by Ms. Donna and Ms. Mathews.


(510) 879-8410

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  • Needs-based aftercare for TK-3rd grade.
  • Preference is given to TK and Kindergarten students.
  • Families qualify based on income and need status, such as working
  • Full tuition option is available.
  • Contact the ECE/CDC directly for more information. 

Off-site After-School Programs

There are some excellent and affordable choices right around the corner that will pick up your little ones for you. 

Studio One After School Arts Academy is located across the street from Emerson. Counselors pick students up at Emerson and walk them to Studio One. Studio One's after school program offers snack, homework help, and 2 classes a day in a range of mediums, including painting, drawing, clay, dancing, drumming, singing, and more.

  • Program serves Pre-K through 5th grade.
  • Registration is monthly. Program begins the third week of school.

For more information

Visit Studio One After-School Arts Academy


Alethia Walker
(510) 597-5027

Email Me


Click the After School Arts Academy link on the above website to download the registration packet.

Please Note: Mosswood Recreation Center's Town After School Program is CLOSED for the 2023-24 school year due to construction of the new recreation center.

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