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Reading Culture

A Strong Reading Culture

At Emerson, we believe that a strong reader makes a strong student. This commitment starts in our TK and preschool classrooms and spreads to every grade level. Each classroom has a library filled with books at various reading levels to accommodate all students. We ask that students read every night as part of their homework. Every student visits the school library once a week to check out books and interact with our librarian.

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Reading Curriculum

OUSD ELA curriculum adoption  

In teaching a balanced literacy approach, reading instruction is multi-faceted.  During daily ELA lessons, teachers present whole-group mini-lessons of 5-10 minutes. Students spend the rest of the workshop period reading independently or in small groups, while teachers either lead small groups or meet individually to conference or assess students. In addition, teachers strive to do daily interactive read-alouds of 10-15 minutes. Teachers integrate “word work” into their instruction.

Each classroom has a leveled reading library provided by OUSD, which allows students a wide variety of books to choose from when reading in class and reading at home.