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Celebrations and Recognition Policy

The Holidays and On-Site Celebrations policy for the current year below.

Emerson Celebrations and Recognition Policy.

School Policy Update - 2022/23

In order to create a more equitable campus, we will be moving away from celebrating holidays.  We have many different ethnicities, cultures and religions on our campus.  This means that we all don’t celebrate the same holidays.  If we were to celebrate holidays, we would be excluding some of our scholars and some of our community.   Our teachers still have space to teach about different holidays, what they mean, where they originated and why people celebrate.   I realize that this will be a change from past practices.  This may even be disappointing to some.  This news will also bring relief to others.  It will bring joy and relief to those that don’t have to pretend to celebrate or don’t have to sit out of celebrations.  It will decrease anxiety for those that may not be able to participate because of financial constraints their family may have.

Emerson will now create opportunities for our scholars to celebrate and be recognized for the awesome work they are doing in class.  Our Cheetah Champion Monthly Assembly will be one way we celebrate our scholars. Another way we will be celebrating our scholars is when they fill up the Cheetah Chest with Cheetah Wins.  Cheetah Wins are a way for our staff to recognize our scholars for doing something positive in the community. When the Cheetah Chest is full we will have a school-wide celebration!

October 5, 2022 letter to Emerson Learning Community, from Principal Stibbins:

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